The Disposals Process

Fixed within a Flexible Timeframe

All of our Managed Office Disposals are assigned personal enquiry handlers to ensure that the recycling of your assets goes as smoothly as possible, from initial contact through to the final completion of waste transfer. 

The process of disposal varies slightly depending upon the type of asset that is needed to dispose of. However, all tasks are processed in line with our general contact timeframe. This timeline is used as a “worst case scenario” as lead times can be considerably shorter and Managed Office Disposals Limited will endeavour to fit any time constraints or requirements that the customer may have. 

  • When a declaration of asset disposal is submitted, a confirmation of receipt will be sent back with a unique reference for your task. Contact will be made within three days of declaration receipt to clarify any details necessary for the collection of the goods. If there are no additional requirements, a date will be arranged over the phone for the collection to be made.

  • If the collection is of a substantial size or of a bulky/awkward nature, a site visit may be arranged to assess the vehicle and personnel requirements of the assets removal. A date for this inspection will be booked within a week of initial contact, and a date for removal set shortly after this.

  • In the unlikely case of a collection not being able to be made on the date arranged, the site of collection will be contacted to be informed of this, and arrange an alternative date.