Environmental Sustainability

Zero to Landfill

Fully compliant with the Environment Agency's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), Managed Office Disposals will always be ahead of  current waste and disposal legislation to ensure your confidence in your accountability, audit trail and green efficiency.

Recycling and the disposal of redundant assets can often become a costly operation, both environmentally and financially. Organisations tend to specialise in individual areas, but lack the capability to provide a fully encompassing solution required to effectively dispose of the range of materials and items produced when clearing an office space. Managed Office Disposals have overcome this common problem by combining the expertise of two well established organisations.

Through the thorough development of processes for handling redundant assets, Managed Office Disposals have a wide range of possible solutions when faced with the task of disposing assets.

Managed Office Disposals' first option is always to resell for REUSE. This is the most efficient form of disposal, both financially and environmentally. By maximising the resale of assets for REUSE, your financial return is maximised, which in turn can be used to offset unavoidable carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from emission reduction projects.

If an item can not be reused in its original form, the asset will be deconstructed to salvage individual components that can be used elsewhere. The remaining materials are sent via a licensed waste carrier to relevant recycling centres and WEEE equipment is sent to Authorised Treatment Facilities (AFT).

Managed Office Disposals are UK Environment Agency listed and are registered as a carrier of controlled and hazardous waste as well as holders of a Waste Transfer Licence and ISO Accredited.

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