Fluorescent Tubing and Other Mercury-Bearing Lamps

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Managed Office Disposals Limited is a fully licensed and WEEE approved waste carrier.
The Managed Office Disposals Limited fluorescent tubing collection and disposal service is a hassle-free service, managed by a team of experienced logistic coordinators.

Did you know that the mercury from one fluorescent tube is sufficient to pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond the UK safe drinking level? This has led the Environment Agency to classify Fluorescent Tubes as Hazardous Waste in England and Wales.

Managed Office Disposals Limited offers a full recycling service for fluorescent tubes and lamps.

Fluorescent lights, HID lamps and other mercury-bearing lamps are de-globed and crushed. The crushed material is separated into glass, aluminium end-caps and phosphor powder. The glass is re-used as raw material in the manufacture of various new glass products. The aluminium end-caps work their way back into being re-used via the metal markets.

The phosphor powder is transferred to our distiller where it is cooked (retorted) so that the powder releases its mercury as vapour. This mercury vapour is then separated out by distillation, and condensed into a sealed container in the form of 99.99% pure mercury. One of the benefits of recycling is that the mercury is now available for its safe reuse.

Managed Office Disposals Limited’s recycling and reuse process has been granted an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit by the Environment Agency to operate a mercury recycling service. This prestigious accreditation is vital for any company undertaking the recycling of toxic lamp powder and mercury waste.

Managed Office Disposals Limited supply containers (if required), collect, disassemble and recycle all fluorescent tubes and lamps. Managed Office Disposals Limited provides documentation to the site to acknowledge the transfer of waste materials and safe disposal, in accordance to WEEE regulations.

For more information on Managed Office Disposals Limited, its areas of expertise, recycling/reuse processes or to enquire about an asset disposal requirement, please contact via enquire@modlimited.co.uk  or 01277 237 742