Managed Office Disposals

Compliant Secure Disposals - Maximising Your Financial Returns

Managed Office Disposals has a combined 25 years experience as specialists in the management of asset disposals.Throughout that period, our skills base and expertise has been honed in compliance and security, whilst ensuring maximum financial returns for the disposal of assets.

The ethos of Managed Office Disposals is simple in its principles: we utilise our experience of working throughout the Public and Private sectors, whilst constantly researching and investing in innovations, to not only maximise financial returns to customers, but to also minimise the impact on the environment. To this end, asset re-use is foremost in our methodology, which is achieved through our network of sales channels throughout the UK and Overseas, which have been established during the past 25 years.

Managed Office Disposals will advise, collect, store, (repair and refurbish as necessary), market and sell your assets: office furniture, office equipment, ICT, office consumables, fluorescent tubes, batteries and mobile phones.

The entire process is transparent and has a clear audit trail from compliance, security and re-sale.


Carbon Calculator - Managed Office Disposals utilises a web-based carbon-calculator, that has been specifically designed and developed for Managed Office Disposals and its customers. This calculator, accurately determines the amount of carbon pollution caused by the ultimate disposal of your assets. (click to read more)